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Does the seamless effect of removing bags under the eyes have immediate effect, is it true? @New Beauty HK

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  • Aug 13,2020
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I believe that few people have heard of different eye bag guns in the market, claiming that they can remove eye bags without a trace, and the effect of eye bag removal is immediate effect, but don't know how true the effect is? When I live in this row, I see that both the collagen electric eye gun and New Beauty HK have online registration discounts. Just try the differences and effects of the two.

Let’s talk about the collagen electric eye gun. The effects of the online advertisement refer to the improvement of skin sagging around the eyes, removing bags under the eyes, dark circles and eye wrinkles. The principle is mainly to generate radio frequency energy by the micro-osmosis technology. My skin is thinner and overheating occurs many times. I need the therapist to stop for a while and wait for me to rest. The whole course of treatment is about 30 minutes. After finishing the course of treatment, I leave the room. Then I looked in the mirror slowly, and it looked like the dark circles under the eyes were a little lighter, but the bags under the eyes still existed. It can be seen that the effect of removing the bags under the eyes could not be achieved. Then it was a round of wheel sales. Fortunately, I just came up and tried it. , Only paid a trial price of $388 and left! The effect on the eyes has returned to its original shape after two days.

After that, I’m going to try New Beauty HK’s Exilis Pro eye bag gun. From the overwhelming advertisements of New Beauty HK, you can know that the effects of Exilis Pro eye bag gun include removing bags under the eyes, dark circles, eye wrinkles, tightening the skin around the eyes, and making it more effective. The effect of prominent eye contour. The principle is mainly based on the world's only unipolar radio frequency technology for deep fat dissolving to remove fat from the fundus of the eyes. Radio frequency energy can also dredge the lymphatic fluid and remove excess water and toxins. Using different wavelengths for different types of bags under the eyes, the three main functions include: lymphatic drainage: clear lymphatic and blood circulation, drain excess water and toxins; deep lipolysis: deep melt fat;

Collagen reconstruction: stimulate collagen contraction, proliferation and reorganization, tighten sagging, and achieve the effect of removing dark circles, eye lines and bags under the eyes.

And because I often felt overheating when I tried the electric eye gun before, I wanted to tell the therapist before the treatment, but I didn’t say anything. The therapist at New Beauty HK couldn’t wait to explain the whole process to me and let me First, I have a psychological preparation. At the beginning, the therapist will also ask me the temperature and so on. OK, so the whole process is very comfortable and reassuring. When I make one eye, the therapist also has a mirror to show me the effect. The effect is very good, most of the bags under the eyes are removed, the dark circles are lightened a lot, even the eye lines are also lightened, and then the other half of the eye is quickly completed! Sure enough, as the advertisement says, there is an immediate effect of removing bags under the eyes! And you can put on makeup immediately after the treatment, which will definitely not affect your normal life, so if you are working, you can use LUNCH HOUR to make eye bags!

And I personally think that New Beauty HK’s most compliment is that they have absolutely no hard sell situation. They are not like other beauty companies. They will trap you in the room and talk for a long time without letting you go. So New Beauty HK goes to the eye bags. Trustworthy!